​​Spanking Therapy Explained


     For some with a need to be spanked, spanking is less about punishment and
more about overall motivation. For these people regular spankings (usually once
a week) are given, along with a reminder of the things they need to work on.
Being spanked clears their minds, allowing them to find their focus.
     Spanking Therapy should ONLY be used on consenting adults who have
expressed a need for it. This is a relatively small number of people, and spanking
therapy will not work for those who do not agree that they need it.
      Unwarranted spankings (spankings where no crime has been committed
and no therapy agreement has been reached) are abusive by nature, and
should always be avoided.  Never use spanking as foreplay to sex unless you
are upfront with the other person that this is just for sexual release and not for
anything that will cause marks and bruising and extreme pain, but sensual light
slaps upon the bare buttocks.
          Ideally, spanking therapy should take place at a set place and time,
allowing the therapy recipient to anticipate the coming discipline between
sessions.  At the start of a session you should both sit down and discuss
anything the spankee feels he has done to deserve a more harsh or lighter
spanking.  This is when the severity of the punishment is determined.
Next, I will address the things you need to be reminded of,
and the things I believe you need to continue to work on. For example, for an
unmotivated adult male I may say, "I want you to continue to focus on your
work, as well as keeping your personal life in order." Reminding you of any
goals set that have not been fully attained (weight loss, stop smoking, etc.)


     I deliver the spanking with no games. Counting licks and stupid chants like
"please sir may I have another" distract attention away from the spanking and
reduces it's effects. Ideally the spanking should be given in silence, allowing the
smacking sound to be the only noise. An audible reinforcement of the discipline.
I will only speak to give necessary commands, such as adjusting the
spankee's position if he has moved. Which by the way, I do not appreciate.

    Spankings done over the knee with hand on bare butt contact is more intimate
and should be the way a person is spanked, unless this method does not work
to achieve the goals set forth, and then implements can be used. The problems
with implements is that they create fear, and then the spanking becomes fear
therapy and in some people this is most effective, but should be avoided at all
cost unless the spankee feels they “need to fear the rod to save the child” so to speak.


     After the spanking, I hug the person I have just spanked, and forgive
them for what they did to earn the spanking with a reminder to avoid that
behavior in the future. Then I allow them some quiet time to think and recover from
the discipline session.


Many men who only seek out women to spank them have lost the connection
to the male counterpart in their lives, like a father figure. These men are men who
have been raised and controlled and punished primarily by a female (mother,
grandmother, aunt), and have not connected to the male counterpart (father,
grandfather, uncle), therefore it is more important for men to be spanked by
another man than a woman to break the cycle, as women should only be spanked
by another woman.  Men have become too docile in most families today. The
husband or father figure sits on the sidelines, and it is the mother figure who
controls the family, including the decision to discipline or not to discipline, taking
away the rightful place of the male figure in a young man’s life.


     In the old days, men were the king of the castle so to speak and were feared
and were the disciplinarians, but since the seventies, women have all but outlawed
this with getting laws passed that say that spanking is a form of child abuse and
many who should have been spanked growing up, were only grounded and in
today’s environment is a joke, for they have televisions, cells phones, internet,
and other electronic devices to keep them connected to the outside world.


     Men sometimes have to be on the receiving end of a good spanking in order
to understand their part in the family when it comes to disciplining their own
children. They need to learn to walk the walk so to speak and start to take a more
active part in the disciplinary decisions when it comes to their children instead of
letting the wife make all the decisions and not allowing him his parental right to intervene.