Spanking Needs Explained


     Probably the most important things to explain are that people who need to be
spanked should not think they are bad people.

      Quite frankly, we all have different needs. Some of us keep "to do" lists to
remind us of what needs to be done, some are motivated by setting goals and
assigning rewards for reaching their goals ("When I loose ten pounds I can
buy that new outfit") and some simply allow themselves to be unmotivated.

   Some people, some very interesting people need to be spanked. I am talking about a real, undeniable
emotional need to 'correct' them through corporal punishment.

The realization of a need for spanking usually occurs as a child, though most are too confused,
embarrassed or ashamed to admit it to their parents or others who could meet their needs.

     In children acting out and defying both the rules and the standard
punishments usually express this need. In many cases the child is intentionally
trying to push a parent to spank them. Sadly, most parents never catch on to this,
as parents who don't believe in spanking and are not capable of recognizing a cry
for that form of punishment. But this is a touchy area, as clearly not all kids who
act out are asking for a spanking. In truth, it is usually up to the child to verbally
express this need, and if they don't do it, the need is never met.

    This is more of a warning than advice. ONLY people you trust completely should

give discipline and punishments. It's okay to ask your grandmother or
other relative to spank you if you don't feel comfortable asking your parents
but you should NEVER seek this kind of attention from strangers, unless first
you have met them in advance and feel a comfort zone with them and that they
understand your need to be spanked and know how to do it without injury. You
should only seek out a person who might have had children of their own they
spanked growing up, even into manhood, and have at least 5 or more years of
spanking experience under their belt, and not someone to experiment with when
it comes to spanking, because if done incorrectly can cause

injury (both physical and psychological) when implements are used improperly.

     There are a lot of people online, who, if you told them of your need, would
offer to help and promise that they understand your needs. They don't! Most of these
people - especially men in chat rooms and on message boards - are looking
to fulfill their own needs and do not care about you! Never give personal
information to, or agree to meet a stranger you meet online unless you
agree to meet them first before anything happens and get a feel for them!