Financial Domination & Cash Slavery by Doctor Don

What is a cash slave and financial domination?

Financial Domination is when people, usually slaves and submissive men, pay or tribute money to a Dominant male, also referred to as a alpha male. This fetish is brought on by the need to be controlled in any and every way possible. True financial domination means that the slave tributes money of his own volition without expecting anything in return. 

Often, but not always, the Dominant Master humiliates the slave verbally while he tributes Him. This seems to be more referent in gay men who look for abuse but on occasion some heterosexual men will have this need to be degrading and humiliated as well verbally, but the tributing is the ultimate humiliation that a straight guy can feel since it is to someone more dominant and powerful than they are for the tribute more to the power of the alpha male over them to control them.  

This is most common in men with stressful jobs, men in control in their everyday life that need to have someone to give up control to for them to make their decisions, both in a physical way as well as financial.  Giving up control tends to be somewhat erotic in nature to some men and the idea of a straight man doing this, the idea of the anonymity of it as well makes it more exciting and fulfilling someone like someone being blackmailed and never knowing their blackmailer.

Many financial slaves tribute on a weekly or daily basis, as well as buy their Masters gifts whenever told to or from a wish list that the master provides his slave or whenever they feel it necessary. Often a financial slave will take it upon himself to adopt a Master's bill which he will pay faithfully every month for Him, as a show of his submissiveness and loyalty to that master. 

The financial slave desires for his master to live like a king while he himself is often forced to make financial sacrifices. The financial slaves truly see their Master as a God and worship him accordingly. 

Sometimes financial domination is coupled with a blackmail fetish. The blackmail fetish brings the slave deeper into his submission by forcing him to obey and tribute his Master or bares the consequences of his blackmail information and/or pictures being posted by Him. Often there is a blackmail contract involved since blackmail is a potential legal hazard for the Master unless all bases are covered.

Let me assert by saying that Financial Domination might also be a relic of patriarchy. Unlike chivalry, however, I believe that Financial Domination has traditionally advantaged both sexes, because it offers a service to those what need that type of domination and control in their lives, as well as those who are doing the dominating for it helps them financially for providing that need. Therefore, it is not be the choice of one sex (male or female) to determine the substance or meaning of “financial domination,” practiced as a fetish or as a lifestyle. For Financial Domination to be healthy and sustainable, the feelings between master and the Sub would need to be unanimously shared, irrespective of the amount of money exchanged. 


  •     Men who are known for their generosity toward others.  They are not always financially well off, but one need not be well-off to be generous.

  •     Men who give money to friends for helping with chores, or favors.

  •     Men of low self esteem who feel they need to pay for everything from a night out, to paying for theatre tickets, or always volunteering to pick up the tab because        they feel otherwise they would not be included as part of the group.

  •     Men who feel insecure in their relationships with those they date, or at home in their marriage or if they live with a girlfriend or boyfriend, feeling left out or     pushed aside for others like family members, co-workers, or other friends.

  •     Men in control at their jobs where all the pressure is on them to get the job done, or those such as department managers or general managers of a company where they have the stress of being in control of other people and being responsible to make sure they get the project or job done right.

  •     CEO’s of large companies always worrying about being in charge to make profit and always under stress to outdo the competition

  •     College students under pressure to get good grades and yet trying to enjoy their college years with partying and having a good time, and on the other hand not disappointing their parents.

  •     College Professors and teachers who feel they have in their hands the education of the next generation and sometimes don’t have control of their own life, and sometimes put themselves in a fantasy world of being the student and not the teacher for just a little while.

  •     Men who are pressured into relationships that they mentally are not able to handle but feel trapped with no way out but to go through with the commitment. Many times it was because they did not use protection and the girl got married so everyone pressure the man into getting married for it was the right thing to do not only for themselves but for the child.

  •     Men feeling a need for the comfort of reliving their childhood again where if they do wrong, they get punished for it and then it is taken care of by a loving and caring parent.

  •     The lost of father too early in their growing years to be there to guide them along life’s pathway and to mentor and punish them if they misbehave, for many of these guys are jealous and envious of their friends who have a dad at home, whether or not a good dad or not, has nothing to do with it, but a dad.  All boys need a man in his life when he is growing up to male bond with in ways that only a father and son can experience from sports activities, to camping, hunting, fishing, or just hanging out together.

  •     Guys who have fantasies of living a different type of lifestyle of which they know they can never really experience but live it out through the fantasy of it like the life of a submissive that will do whatever is ask of them without questions, or putting themselves into a situation that could financially ruin them but it is the danger that makes it more erotic for them to want to participate in such situations. 

  •     For instance: Before gays had their rights to be openly gay, they lived in lifestyles based upon lies and would sneak off to bookstores and gathering places where others like them met, knowing the danger of exposure, but it was that danger that made them do it for it was somewhat erotic and intoxication to them to be risking danger when they did it.

  •     Men that might look at their son or child as a sex object, knowing all along it is bad as well as evil to do to your own child, but the danger is intoxication.

Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control. Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant person seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male.

For the submissive male, the idea of having a man take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to him is incredibly erotic. In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination. This is extreme but has been done in the past and even today by many femme dommes, who see these men as meal tickers, or as “sugar daddies”. Usually Financial Domination just involves the taking or giving of money either on a scheduled basis, through coercion or blackmail, or just out of an intense need to give.

Now for those of you who are reading this thinking, ‘you’d have to be nuts to get off on that,’ let me remind you that everyone has their own erotic fantasies however if you’ve ever taken a woman on a date, you’ve been financially dominated. If you’ve ever been screwed over in a divorce, you’ve been financially dominated.  So don’t be too quick to judge.  For some it’s painful, for others it’s very hot and subductive, not that there is a sexual componient in it, but it gives the submissive a sexual urge to do it just the same.  When men reach this level, it does not take much to get them to actually make it a reality and give in totally as a slave to a master.  The more the master rejects them the more they want to give to the point that they feel they can not endure it anymore and will go into financial ruin to be accepted by their newfound master, who now has control of them completely from the physical to the financial wealth and belongings, to information they give openly and gladly to their master when ask to use against them to keep them in line.

This is another fetish that has an underlying current of humiliation as well, but again it depends on the individual. To hear a man laughing and telling you what a sucker or loser or how worthless you are can be very arousing.

Financial Domination can be done by phone, mail, live sessions, the internet, pay phone sex lines such as Niteflirt, or through PayPal accounts or Team viewer or just about any way that’s imaginable. Unlike Financial domination per say, being a “Sugar Daddy” is a more controlled form of Financial Domination but usually involved sex, whereas financial dominination does not other than in the sub’s mind.. 
The true fetish doesn’t involve sex at all because the dominant male would not dream of having sex with an unworthy submissive. The fact that he’s giving to him is simply because he can by asking for it, and because he feels that he isn’t worthy of the money but he\is master is, who also happens to be a more powerful influence in the subs mind to the point, the sub feels that the master should be made to enjoy his life with his money but without any tangible benefit to him. The mere fact that he has given the money is the benefit to him.

I will use this metaphor to get across what I am saying, when giving an example of describing the feelings of the submissive in Financial Domination. Say you are a Christian and go to church every Sunday without fail. When you go to church there is a time in the service where the plate is passed around and every one gives money to help keep the church running. No one there expects anything from that offering. They certainly don’t expect the pastor to get down and give blow jobs to the male congregation in gratitude, but I am sure if a person is gay, might find that appealing. No, in fact you give because you WANT to, you want to make sure your church is there for you next week, that the pastor can eat for the week and the bills can be paid. It’s the exact same thing with a submissive, subservient  man when he gives to his cash master. If it’s done correctly they look at the Cash Master as a god, a deity. To offer up money to their god is just the right thing to do. His life (The master) is ALL that matters. As a submissive male you want to eat, sleep and breathe this man, for He IS your religion, and as such you will continue to worship him at his pleasure for as long as he allows it.