Cancellations will not be tolerated without enough prior notice, and there are no refunds. With enough prior notice you may reschedule. Doctor Don is a professional and does not tolerate a lack of concern for his time and the potential loss of another appointment he could have booked.  Dr. Don is a nice man, but he is also a businessman and as one, he cannot make any exceptions.  Expectable cancellation of an appointment must be made at least two hours before the appointment, otherwise will be unacceptable. Always be respectful of the doctor’s time for he has many clients that need his help and each session is based on an hour only unless scheduled in advance for additional time and then any time over the hour will go into the next hour rate for a full hour whether it is ten minutes or the entire 60 minutes, no exceptions.  Time is money and this service is not something you find on any street corner, so for the experience the doctor brings to your butt, it is your responsibility to be as respectful of such and show up a few minutes early so that the doctor can sit down and have a conversation with you first so you can relax and be prepared for the session.

These sessions are primarily for straight married and single men that know they need a spanking and not sex, and the doctor will not mark or bruise those that can not have evidence of being spanked, but will mark and bruise those who feel they need the marks and bruises to be effective. Unlike other spanking specialists, this is somewhat of a counseling service. Doctor Don must get into your head and understand your needs so he can be effective in giving you the type of spanking experience you desire, so that you will become a regular client, along with other regulars from all walks of life who have to have this done discretely and effectively. For instance, people in the entertainment industry, policemen, firemen, businessmen, and at all times they must feel they will not be sexually compromised, for that is not what being spanked is about. If you expect sex with a spanking, then you need to go to an S&M site to find what you are looking for.  There is not slave and master here, just the spanking doctor and you, the client.

Everything is kept discrete and private between us, just like any other doctor visit. The doctor is available daytime and evenings by appointment only, no exceptions and will take out of town visitors as clients as well, with appointments made in advance. The Doctor only does in-calls.  Eventually there will be out-calls for the more discrete clients, but out-calls will be based on twice the hourly rate, plus a travel fee.


Doctor Don The Spankologist  is originally from Connecticut, but has made his home in Los Angeles for the past 40 years. He brings with him over 30 years of spanking male butts from the curious to the more advanced spankees using primarily the hand which is well trained to tan any butt, but also has a selection of implements he uses as well, from wood paddles to leather strapper.

If you would like to become a client of Doctor Don's, it can only be done by appointment, paid advance.